Hey OKC folks, time to post up again


I'm somewhere but dont know where
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geeze I dunno what you guys did to piss off mother nature but please post up so we know you are all OK :please:

This is entirely too many tornadoes in the past week :(
It is crazy. Maybe the Mayans were off by a year?

Really hope everyone is ok. It severly drains me to be under constant threat of a hurricane but I can't imagine the instant urgent fear of these tornadoes.
another mile wide tornado bearing down on OKC, hope evevryone is ok, stay safe guys
Prayers for everyone in the path of these storms tonight... I'm counting three separate tornado warnings in the OKC area right now. Bro-in-law lives in Norman, and my wife is trying to get in touch with him. (Update: He and his cat went to the storm shelter at work.)

This pic was posted a few minutes ago by an OKC meteorologist. From what I read, a Weather Channel crew was inside when the vehicle was thrown about 200 yards, but they are okay.

Tornado Hunt status: Found it...

Tornado Hunt Truck 5-31-13.jpg
A min or two from CNN video.
Watch tailights of passing vehicle. They aren't even on the road?

I guess three of the main guys in the Storm Chasers show were killed somewhere around I-40. Very sad.

Very sad indeed. From what I've seen on the TV show, Tim's crew was more cautious than some of the others. I'm honestly surprised more chasers weren't killed by the same tornado. The path of the one that got them is in the pic below, and the preliminary estimate is an EF-3 intensity. I've gotten the impression that no one anticipated that sharp northeast change in the path, and I wonder if that was how they got caught. I know that was what got Mike Bettes and the Weather Channel crew as I posted above.


I've been cutting up trees for the last 2-3 hours since I got back from Eureka. I can at least get all the way around my driveway now.

2013-06-01 07.14.10.jpg

2013-06-01 06.54.14.jpg

2013-06-02 19.54.00.jpg
Looks like you lost some nice trees. That's no good, but glad it wasn't any worse for you guys.