Hey guys ?


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+1 on using 87 octane. I get better gas mileage on that.

I get around 38 mpg... 42-44 on long straight highway rides.


ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish...
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Dont complain, thats not bad!

I never see over 35 if im lucky!


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(4wd @ Jul. 22 2007,12:09) What kind of fuel mileage do you all get? I filled my first tank 150 miles last night and got 38.5 MPG, mostly up and down RPM's breakin miles. The gauge really drops fast after 1/2 full. 'Bout 50 miles to the red zone. I burn E-10 which is 89 octane. Regular dinosaur gas is 87.

Also, I was thinking of getting a GIPRO gear indicator. I'm tired of trying to hit 7th. Might bend the shifter lever. Have any of you noticed a fuel economy drop when adding that unit? And which is better? the blue readout or red?

This Hayabusa is one smooth running motorcycle. I think my speedometer is off, as 100 MPH indicated feels like 70 MPH.
I usually get mid 30's. Sometimes low 40's if I ride in a tuck more.

Run 87 octane. It works best for the stock 'Busa.

I have a GiPro. Works well. The 5th gear map smooths out the off idle abruptness somewhat. I didn't notice any fuel mileage drop when I installed it.

The 'Busa is one of those motorcycles that is so comfortable and stable at speed that it does seem as though you are moving at a slower rate. But, yes, like most vehicles, the speedo is off slightly.

If you go with a GiPro please support one of the board sponsors. They will give you a good deal. It's a win-win.

Good luck.

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