Hey guys i found a guy w/ a busa around here


i was chillin at my friends house and i coudlnt believe what is saw out his window. a what apeared to be 2002 blue/black busa rollin down the road at a very slow speed

after i cleaned up my friends bed, lol, i watched more and he came by again!
i wasnt gona passi t up so i waited in the road hoping..wishin id get a up close glance

wel he rode by and i flagged him over and he came over and we talked for a while.
it was a 2001 (w/ a 220 mph speedo so im bout sure it was) but was painted the '02 blue/black colors. it looked nice but not as great as a factory job. he said previous owner did that, and put chrome rims on it, which looked freakin sweet

i begged to ride it but he said no and i respected that. hey i had to ask,...i'd kickmyself in the ass all day til i got one if he was gona say yea but i didnt ask lol

we talked for a lil while and he left...and left in a hurry!!!!!
i was gettin ready to go back inside, when what do i hear..a busa comin by again, only this time front wheel was in the air!
i was like WHOAAAAAAA
he did 3 passes then left. he lives really close to my friends. maybe i can make friend w/ him and mmmmmmmaybe get to ride it someday

yea right

well that made my day!