Hey All


Just thought after months of lurking around that I would say hello to everyone. Unfortunately I'm not riding a Busa...yet. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I can see it getting closer...lol

Oh, and though it might pain a few of you...lol I'm riding a antuque ...81 kz1000 ltd.....yes thats right a kawi. My wife knew I was jonesing for a ride, and bought it for my B-day a year or two ago. We were short on money and expecting our first child. So I was not going to complain.....hopefully a Busa next year :)
sell the kid on the black market, and get yerself a Busa.

Man O man....do I have to provide ALL the answers .

Where the fug are all the BORED ADMIN's .

I'm gettin' tired of comin' up with ALL the answers.
Wuz up plaaaya and welcome aboard ! Soundz like you got your priorities st8 . My famous saying iz I GOT MO TIME THAN MONEY .
Welcome sweet avatar BTW...

RSD that would be board admins... All the Bored admins are watching TV or something...
Glad to see ya ride out of the shadows and into the light... even if you rode in on a Kaw. ;)