Hesitiation Issue


Not sure what is going on, but I have a small hesitation issue when I roll on the throttle from an idle. It kind of hiccups and then seems to run fine. If it does it at higher rpm, it just skips over it without notice. But it does it when I leave a stop sign no matter what. Anybody have any ideas?
Could be normal for the situation you are describing. The torque doesn't really pick up until close to 4K R.P.M.s. So a little hesitation under those conditions is probably normal.

Go up to 4K and pin it and see what happens :whistle:
the hiccup certainly doesn't seem like it should be normal. I don't recall it there earlier in the riding season. When leaving a stop sign in 1st gear it hiccups enough you can feel it in the bike...stalls out for a half second or something. If I am at 4k and pin it, it seems to have no issues. I red-lined her through 3rd gear today and she seemed to be pulling hard like she should. Just from a dead stop. I turned up the RPM's on idle to about 1500 to see if the idle was too low and it seemed to make no change.
Doesn't seem to be clogged fuel filter. If it was you would have more severe issues at high rpm.

Any chance you are not clutching enough from a dead stop and opening the throttle too wide? Or is it that rpms clearly go up, and then hesitation, and then rpm continues to rise again?

The only other possibility - you are losing spark, possibly because of poor connection somewhere. What year is the bike? Where do you park it? How many miles?
From an idle it is right away. It will do it in neutral as well. Your last few questions...probably a bad combination of answers here. '99....poor girl has to sit outside and she will roll 45000 miles tonight on my ride home from work.
I'm having the exact same problem...started not long ago. It feels like it's not getting fuel or air for just a split second...kind of bogs a little, then picks right up. I have no issues at higher RPMS, but I also notice there are some flat spots as I'm accelerating slowly up through 3-5k. If I pin the throttle...the power is there, so I'm not sure what's going on. I did take it do get dyno'd and my air and fuel are good...if you figure it out, please post your fix.
I am leaning more towards a poor connection. If you can reproduce this at idle, please try the following: gradually increase rpm and see if this consistently happening at about the same rpm. If so, then try to hold the throttle at the exact spot to stay in the same rpm where it's happening. Also see if you get FI on the display, even momentarily.
Simple tests' first..battery connections, fuses, coils, plugs, any batt drain. I had a similar problem, the O rings in the fuel pump were toast, replaced them n no more bogging.
What about checking for a clogged air filter? Or check the spark plugs? Sounds like a regular maintenance issue
What about checking for a clogged air filter? Or check the spark plugs? Sounds like a regular maintenance issue

Since I'm having the exact same problem, I don't feel like I'm jacking the thread...lol I checked the air filter and replaced the plugs. What is confounding to me, and seems to be the case with IL_Bow_Man, is that the problem only happens in one place. You'd think if it was an air, fuel, or spark problem...it would happen regardless of how much throttle I'm giving it. Only from idle up to around 3-5k.....then smooth as silk? I just posted my best time at the track, but for just driving around town...it ticks me off..lol
I had a very slight hesitation after I installed my AH exhaust. I also got ecueditor and a wideband at the same time. After installing the wideband and data logging, I found out my bike was very lean from 1500 - 3k rpms. Spiking to a afr of mid 19's leaving a stop sign / light. After a few auto tunes I had no more extreme lean spikes and the hesitation was gone. I'm not saying this is your problem "tune", I just wanted to throw in a similar experience that I've had. Goodluck with the diagnosis.