"He's not dead... he's RESTING!"


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Hey, gang! Wanted to let you know I have to cut back on my internetting to play with other hobbies. There's only so much time in this life and one thing I know is you can't do everything at once. :) So, I'm cutting back - not gone completely - but I need to reduce to fit more other stuff in, see what I'm saying? I'll still lurk and post on occasion, but there will be gaping holes in timing, and I didn't want anyone to suspect I was in an accident. Cuz you're all such an attentive and caring bunch!!! I LOVE YOU, MAN! [and women]
This place rocks - helped me tons - and I was able to give back to other newbies too. :) Feels good that way. Also sending a beefy check towards Captain's busa this weekend.
Stay safe - GET LEATHERED - life's a journey, enjoy the ride...
All men die. Some men never really live.

Greg Best
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Yeah, Chores list got long...Wife got Grumpy....

Peace Man....
Well, at least you let us know. Looks like MSF is AWOL again. Gonna have to write him up this time. I'm on my way to round him up now!
Best to you and your other hobbies. Comforting that you will be still in the background.. :D
Well at least you will still be lurking from time to time. You always have very valid points and appear to have a good head on your shoulders. But a person does have to take care of themselves before they worry about this forum.

By the way your exit was way smoother than RSD's.

Ride safe, Chris