Here comes another one


Saying hello.  Just got an 03 40th anniversay copper Busa.  Like new immaculate bike with 3900 miles on it.

The previous owner was crushed he had to sell it but was in a jam and I paid cash on the spot for it.  Anyway I hail from melbourne Florida.  I will post some pics and riding impressions soon.  I'm 46.  I can already tell you that I have nothing but respect for this bike at this point.  It can outdo me any time I don't concentrate.  That will pass with some miles but I already know it is a marvelous machine from the first 100 miles I put on it so far.  

I am no where even remotely ready to put in a TRE yet.  I need her to be slow for  

Any Florida riders check in directly.  Look forward to meeting some fellow lunatics.


Yes I'll post some pics soon and my first impressions ride. Give me a few days I'm too busy trying to give her a name. That means we are getting to know each other......**Big Ass Grin**
Hi Haelo,

We're neighbors. Still learning my bike but I enjoy picking up tips from more experienced owners, which is pretty much anybody besides me right now.....

Drop me a line if ya like and we can compare notes.

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