Many of you who have been modifying your Hayabusa engines have been experiencing problem with rod and main bearing decay. This is the result of an inadequate supply of oil, not oil pressure. Increased oil pressure in itself is not the answer i.e. the magical overdriven oil pump gear that everyone is using, which doesn't seem to be helping the problem. The stock oil pump is not supplying the volume of oil needed to maintain the wedge between the bearing and the journal surface. The journal is making contact with the bearing causing the deterioration and slowing the supply to the rod bearings and now the process is repeated in the rod and rod journal. By speeding up a pump which is already operating at its maximum efficiency all we are doing is creating cavitiation within the pump. At higher RPMs this creates more harm than good. The answer to this problem is to incease the volume and pressure throughout the RPM range. To accomplish this we must use a larger oil pump. My company is importing a 35% larger capacity oil pump which is CNC manufactured to exacting tolereances. (these pumps are being built by the same people who build formula 1 engine components in Silverstone ,England). This pump will increase volume by 35% and pressure by at least 15 PSI throughout the RPM range. With this your engine will maintain 30 PSI at idle at temperature. The pump installs easily without engine disassembly and can be done in the motorcycle. If you can change the clutches in your bike, you are capable of installing this pump. The cost of the pump is $340.00 + S&H. The cheapest investment you can make to ensure the longevity of your engine. Please feel free to call me at 423-587-6064 or email me at
Thank You ,
George Smidt