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quick background first

just got the 07 about a week ago. had lots of title issues and took care of that first. then had a vacuum issue (po had hoses run all kinds of backwards). got it squared away and today I picked up a set of two brothers slip on cans (there was nothing there before. I put on the pc that the po gave me and wanted to throw a tune on it. heres where I found my problem

I have a pc3r. I managed to track down the software for that particular pc. my problem is that I cant find ANY maps for it... the 2 that I downloaded from their site wont show up in the software. I am fluent with computers so I'm fairly sure its not a user error. If anyone could help that would be great. I am in the process of painting/making the bike pretty so its going to be a little bit before I take it out. plus my wife may very well shoot me if I spend more money on a dyno tune.

If someone knows where I could track down some maps that would be great. Thanks in advance.

if it helps mods are kn filter, two bros slip ons, and pair removed (to the best of my knowledge anyway)


Not sure on how you can get maps but it would be worth having it tuned at the ecu by someone who knows what they are doing. if not u can use the pc3 and have someone do the tune. if your going to use the slip ons be sure to remove the pair valve and block it off. several places have that. Its funny that you bought those pipes. thats what I bought for my 06. To be honest for me at least it was a waste of money. I ran it without the pc3 just fine. I had a problem with the clamp that holds the pipe on in the back kept braking. very flimsey metal. I you go all out I would suggest a brock exhaust with his street map. its a great pipe and reduces a lot of weight and the map he sends with it on a pc is pretty good considering its not specific to one bike. hope everything works well with it. post some pics when you can


With slip ons only there is a much better risk or hurting performance than helping with any kind of off the shelf PC3 map. Plug in a zero map and run it.


I did not have to do anything with the pair valve for slip ons. Mine didn't start poping until I went to a full exhaust.

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I had the same problem... with the PC3r you have to load a Zero map before you can pull the current map....or load a tuned map. I called DynoJet and they emailed it to me. So I would suggest trying that. I have the map for a Gen 1 but it's not for an 07 (not sure it matters). If you want to try that...message me your email address and I'll send it to you.


Thanks guys just got back for the night from work... been gone all week. I think for now I'm just going to take your advice and remove the pc. If it doesn't help at all id rather just get rid of one more thing that could possibly cause problems in the future. I plan on going to full exhaust once I get some more funds but I was more worried about getting the bike together at this point. Thanks for all the input!


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I think if you switch all the dipswitches off it takes the PC out of the equation and then when you get a full exhaust it will be there

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