help with sprocket setup


hi have just bought a 44 tooth rear sprocket to give me more umph, was hoping to go up 2 teeth but could only get a 44 in the stealth range. could someone tell me what i need to do with the front sprocket in order to give me a little bit more accelaration as i am not that mechanically minded, and could do with some help. want to keep original chain as bike is new. am aware that i will need speedo healer. please could someone help cheers chris.
I have a Gen1 bike.. you say the bike is "new" is this brand new or new to you?

the following applies to a Gen 1 bike

Take the sprocket back, stealth has a 43 and you can use your stock chain..

Otherwise you are going to have to go down at least a tooth up front to even fit the thing on the bike.. (Might be a bit too short on gearing at this point)

I have the 43 stealth on my bike and only have a few hundred miles on it but it seems pretty decent for gearing..

Gen2 has an 18/42 gearing, you might want to take the 43 back and see about a 44 or even a 45 tooth?
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the bike is a 08, i wanted to go two teeth up on rear but was unable to get a supplyer in the uk who is able to get a 45tooth in stealth,but was able to get a 44tooth,thought i could change the front to give the same result as a two tooth up on the this ok, or would you recommend something else. i had the first gen with two teeth up on rear which was fine,cheers chris. rear was originally 43tooth
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