Help with parts pricing

I was wondering if some of you that have been around awhile would help me out. I had to sell the Busa and I have some things that did not go, I was wonder if you could give me some kind of idea what would be fair pricing.
1. Corbin seat front and rear with backrest
2. Throttle Miester still in box, used maybe twice
3. NWS black hugger, 2 months old
4. Brand new shop manual

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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As far as the corbin, you might get more help after posting pics. If the TM is used I am thinking like $80-90 depending on what type and color. As far as the hugger, again pics will help and for the shop manual, is it the Zook manual or Haynes?

Post pics and you will get better thoughts/offers. When you decide on prices and these items go up for sale, this thread will get moved to "For Sale"...
Thanks guys for the replys, I started this thread from out of state, I'll be back home on Sat, I will post pictures of everything then. Again thanks for the inputs.

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