HELP with my purchase

Bill Cather

I am looking for help, I tried dealers and others, I found
a 99 with 30K is this really high on original engine , &#367300 brand new 02 for &#3610,800. What have others found to be normal life of engines ridden reasonably. The owner says it has been meticulously maintained, and in showroom condition. I just do not want to buy it
wore out for &#36 7300.


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Bill there are 99's with 10k mikes for that same price. It sounds like you already have the answer you are looking for support. There is no way that I would pay someone that much for a bike with high mileage like that.


Hope u find one. I have one 2002 black/blue coming on tuesday Nov. 20, 2001. I paid &#3610,100 plus tax and license. Another dealer 30 miles away wanted &#3610,849 plus tax, lic., and a &#36800. dealer mark up. What worse is that the sales rep. was dating my cousin!! I told him nice try. There was a more detailed story to this situation.


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Just remember when he wants to ride your bike at the family reunion that he tried to put it to ya.


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I'd pay no more than 6K for one with that many miles.

Be sure to check that it does not have the fuel filter problem (bad 99 pumps). Check the vacuum system, compression and oil pressure. You will be able to tell a lot about the engine just from the vacuum and compression if you know how to read the measurements(bad valve clearance, ruptured cylinder head gaskets, etc.).

If you can get that one for less, great, otherwise, just look around. Plenty of lower mileage bikes for the same or less.


It's nice to have options like that. I would have jumped all over that bike here in Hawaii. They are REALLY hard to find seeing as how they only import about 10 per year.


spend a little more
99's and 2000's have cam tensioner problems. fuel pump problems, sensor problems, fuel filter problems. all worked out on the 01 and 02's . the 01 and 02 have a restriction that can be fixed by installing a timing retard eliminater. TRE. at 30k who knows how well maintained the bike is. spend a little more and get the warranty and a fresh bike.

Desert Rat

I am looking to buy a new Hayabusa possibly 01 or 02. My first question is. How well do they run in the summer? Is there any problem with over temp? I live in Phoenix Az. summer temps can be 100 to 110+ degrees.
I will be riding to work which is about 30 minute drive ( approx 10 miles ) in stop and go traffic.
Second question: With all the power that is produced and transfered to the ground. ( Under NORMAL? driving conditions )How well does the Hayabusa maintain it's engine and drive train? Is there alot of maintenance?


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Oklahoma is 105 in the summer and my bike has no problems at all.. Just don't leave your bike idling and walk away or it will for sure overheat !!!! Other than that I never had any problems, I rode mine to work about 30 miles and looked forward to it every morning. No maintance here ...


I live in Denver and ride my 01 all the time. The only problem I have had in stop and go traffic is a little overheating. The fan has taken care of it so no problems.


I found several busas in southern cal. All around 8500 to 9500 '99-'00 models 10000 to 18000 miles. I bought mine for 7200 with 10960 miles, all servive reciepts, and recall on timing chain has been done.


I just bought a like new 01 Busa with 3400 miles for 6000. The deals are out there if you need help looking let me know


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Yeah no crap i paid 7500 for my 2001 with 2900 miles.


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Another one back from the dead... WAY back...

It's all good, just kinda entertaining... It's good to know that folks are reading back through the board...

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