Help with installation X-tre Healtech st-01 on b-king 2011


Hi Guys.

I have a B-King 2011 awsome bike!!

I put on X-tre of the Healtech model st-01. I followed all the steps as in the manual but the gear indicator does not function correctly always stays with "-" !

Someone had a similar problem?
Send it back.
I'll flash your ecu for free.
Done around 12 Busas and 4 B-Kings, including both of mine.
My B-King is flashed as a Busa with the restrictions removed, smart tre/top speed limiter, stp's opening faster with max fuel, fuel soft cut gone.
Do an airbox mod, and remove the cables and servo that operate the valve in the exhaust pipe.
It will be a different bike.
PM LewBking here, I did his B-King ecu this way, and Bking1340 on is on there too).
Both of them will confirm that the B-King is a slug stock, but that the above mentioned changes really bring it to life.
Welcome to the org.
TRE's and XTRE's are notorious for causing issues, especially on Suzukis.
Irattic idle and poor mpg's are couple of them.
Some TRE's work fine for 6 months, a year, or never.
They are not ideal anyway, as all they do is apply the 5th gear maps to every gear.
Ecu flashing is the way to go, it has a lot more benefits and no issues.