Help with ECU change needed


Hey all,

I have found a number of posts about changing from a 16 bit to 32 bit ECU. I understand the pin changes but can not for the life find a pattern number, picture or description of what the crank required for the change is. Can anyone throw me a bone?


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Its your magneto. Order a 2002-2007 Magneto/stator. The part that goes on the crank, not the actual coil


I assume you are referring to the rotor on the left side of the crank. The rotor needs to be from an 02-07 busa and needs to have a 24-1 pattern (24 total spots for teeth with one missing). The rotor is located under the stator cover on teh left side of teh engine. To remove the rotor, you need to thread a special tool into the center which will push against the end of the crank and push the rotor off. The special tool can be substituted with an M22 replacement oil drain plug available at your local auto parts store. Best to bring your replacement rotor with you to the store to ensure you have the proper one.