HELP - With bike decision


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A guy I work with is selling his 1998 TL1000R. He is getting out of motorcycling, so the bike comes with two helmets, cover, locks, etc. Here is the run down:

98 TL1000R
Miles: 14.5K
PCM Magnesium Wheels, Pilot Race w/ lots of rubber left @1500mi. on them
Full Yosh Race Aluminum System
Power Commander
K&N (airbox lid off)
geared down
Ohlins Steering dampner
integrated rear signals into brake light
rear undertail
in good shape, never down
plus 2 helmets, bike cover, rear pillion, front stand, 2 locks

He wants $5k FIRM. I am thinking I can take the wheels and damper for my Hayabusa and resell the TLR and helmets separately... If I could get $4000 for it I would be happy and if I got $4500 I would VERY happy... those wheels cost him $1800 and the damper is $300.

What do you guys think???

Sounds like a deal, I doubt you would have much trouble selling that bike with the mods it has. Hell just keep the TL for wheelies
Sounds like a good deal.......
Here's a quick link to the NADA retail value of the bike. NADA or

I think you could get your money back and then some. But, it might take some time and money to sell..........
Sounds good as long as your willing to put up the hassle of trying to sell what's left. Could take a while to get what you want.
bring him $4500 in cold hard wet dripping cash and hand it to him. See if he bites it

TL1000R is a sweet bike, it actually weighs more than the busa I think. They are kinda wierd, the rear suspension on them sucks, and they are the slowest of all sportbike Vtwins. But they are probably one of the coolest looking bikes they make, (the front end just melts over the front tire), and they are the sweetest sounding bikes when they have exhaust.

I'd buy it, put a decent paintjob on the bike, and rag the hell out of it. for $4500 you got yourself a decent stunt bike

Thanks guys, I tried out the TLR last night. Does have some serious low-end punch. He has it geared down two teeth on the front, so it is a wheelie machine! Has high-mount exhaust that burned the sheit out of my thighs... I am going offer $4500 MAX and see what he says. He is not in perfect shape and has the normal amount of scrapes, scratches, etc.