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My busa is going to be here next week, so I was wondering....can I ride the busa without a plate when i get it (its a used bike) or do i have to plate it immediately if i want to ride. I know i have 60 days to register the title in Indiana, so does that mean I have some time that i can ride it before it is plated or well im confused on laws.

So can someone tell me what all i MUST do to be able to ride it.

Even if you dont live in Indiana, can you tell me the laws in your state.


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Hmmm. The big thing you'd need here was proof of insurance! If a cop pulled you over, if you had the m/c designation on your driver's license and an insurance card, he'd probably let you go if you told him you were going to DMV to get the bike registered later today...

Call the DMV, and see what the requirement is. I'm assuming that you'll be buying this from an individual vs. a dealer, as the dealers here give you a temporary cardboard plate.

Good luck, and I hope they don't take a big bite out of your ass for taxes, reg., etc.

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In MD they give you a temporary (paper) tag that you use until the real tag comes. Without it, they will impound you jont!


don't really know about anywhere else but in Alabama the cops don't really give a rats behind unless your doing something really really stupid. Drove mine like a pussycat for a week and a half before I got plate (didn't want undo attention). Had a couple of cops right behind me at lights and they never even blinked. I did make sure I had insurance the day I got her though.



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Hey Bro, Here's a tip, when you go to buy the bike you'll need to get a reciept, some written proof of price paid etc. Oh and of course be sure you get the title. But, say you pay the guy $8000, be sure to pay him the $8k but write out the reciept for like $4500. It will save you some on your sales tax and may even save you some with the registration.

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