Help pleaz??


Im installing a kill switch and Im pretty sure but wanna ask someone that MIGHT HAVE delt with this.

A pmr components kill switch.

Im pretty sure you just move away from the handlebar switch assembly and "CUT" the orange wire w/white tracer. Connect one orange/white wire to one side of the kill switch wires and the other orange/white wire to the other kill switch wire. At least I think thats it.

My question is this>>>


seperately. I have a euro switch (can turn on/off headlight, tail light etc). I also have a scorpio alarm. The power wire for the scorpio alarm is connected in the tail section to the tail light harness plug (plug n play). I do know that if I turn off the lights using the euro switch Im killing the power to the tail lights which in turn is killing the power to the scorpio alarm. (Which will be changed today). Im wanting to know that 1st is it the orange/white wire that im supposed to use for the 'kill switch" connection? and if the "teather" is out of the switch thus opening the circuit will that disable the power to the alarm or the "starter kill" on the alarm.

Someone further advanced than me with one of those book thingies help me out.

I opened my killswitch assembly on the bars and wired it in inside the housing. Best bet would be to open the assembly and make sure what color it is. It wouldn't take 5 min and you would be sure what color it is.
Thanks, Thats actually what I did. Orange/white for anyone out there doing it. I slid the long sleeve back and did it in the harness. Ive got way too much inside the switch assembly as it is.