Help please!!!


I need to post a  pic of my custom 02 special ed. busa that i've two-toned black and chrome yellow,  I need to sell it and haven't been able to post pics  .  Would someone please e-mail me and tell me how to do it.  I am new on this board and not very computer  smart either.  I do have some pics downloaded on my PC.  Thanks,   bushman
1. Click REPLY
2. go down to a block that says BROWSE
3. find the pic on your hard drive there
4. click add reply and you are done
*Click on upload center.
*Click on browse
*find the file/pic your looking for on your machine using browse.
*Double click that file. (best to use Jpeg)
*Click upload now.
*Next click manage files.
*Click on the drop down list in the center of the page, select your e-mail address by highlighting and clicking view contents.
* select any of the images in your folder by double clicking them.
*a new window should open, copy the URL (what ever appears in the address bar)
*close window, go and click on Boards.
*find the subject/post you want to post on and hit reply.
*to insert picture click on picture icon and apply address copied from earlier step.
I usually type everything by hand, but I don't know how to do this without actually inserting a picture and it won't let me just type the exact phrase without inserting something! Maybe getting you this far will be enough that you can figure the rest out yourself.........................Ks
Find the pic on the web, right click on it and choose "Save picture as..." to save it somewhere on your computer. Then follow the steps listed by ks above to upload it into your upload center.
now that is
cisco35 <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>WOW</span>there is a name I have not seen in a long time how are things going?
that is one sweet looking bike!!!

<span style='font-family:impact'></span><span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'></span><span style='color:red'></span>
why are you selling it...
Unfortunatley, i'm selling because i need the cash... And yes I did the paint work myself, I have owned a paint and body shop for thirty four years.