Help Needed With Uploading Pics

Pit Bull

I've ben trying to upload some of my pics in the gallery and upload center. Ihave been following the instructions that Dustman put on another post to the letter and NO LUCK!!
When I try to upload to the upload center, I get the message "You HAVE EXCEEDED YOUR DIRECTORY LIMIT. THE FILE THAT PUT YOU OVER THE LIMIT HAS BEEN DELETED. Then, when I go to the gallery and try to upload them there, when I chose my pics and click to upload them the page with the pics I chose then gives me the "Page not available" crap. Can ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT'S WRONG OR WHAT I'M DOING WRONG?
Thanks in advance

Pit Bull
I think we're having problems with the gallery right now.. I haven't had a chance to track it down but I'm not surprised to hear that you can't upload right now. As far as the upload center, you probably need to resize your pictures. Everybody has 1mb of storage by default. If one pic is larger than that, you're really going to hack off the dialup people by posting it in a topic.

I'll go ahead and up your limit but take the size into consideration.. pics on the web don't need to be any bigger than 640x480 at 72dpi.. (about 65kb at the most)..