Help:MissingSmall belly fairing fwd of rear tire


Request for help: Does the small rear-most underside belly fairing piece (the one which must be removed in order for a center stand to be fitted) come standard with all '02 (and all year) Busas? The piece I'm talking about is just ahead of the rear tire, and between the stock exhaust pipes which sweep upward to join the cans at the 3-bolted junction).

I just bought a used bike and it did not include it, although I see it in Busa brochures, etc.. It is possible that the dealer who did the last oil change forgot to reinstall it. Any help is appreciated.
The small fairing in front of the rear tire should be on the bike. You do not have to take it off to change the oil.

I am not sure if you can have both the fairing on and a factory center stand.

Does you bike have a center stand?

If not, it should be there.

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If you do have a centerstand you cannot have that fairing as well, so if you have one, that is why it's missing.
It should have it. Caller the dealer and ask them if they have it or if they could contact the old owner.