Help me test the new post / mark as read


Dis in my way!
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Okay folks... Spam this thread for me... I think we might have the search / new post fixed..

If you entered the message then it will not pull up as a new message because you typed it... But when I enter this message you will see it as new..
I spoke with the developers and they changed a few things too... It used to be that if you made a post you as the person that entered it could go click the new post button and see the thread or post you just made in the list. The developers decided that if you were the person that typed out the comment or started the thread then it really wasn't a new post so it should not be added to the list, you just entered it right? I get the logic behind the change but its frustrating when they make changes like that after you have used the software and formed habits...
I like the old way, and now in the reply box my curser will only populate on the far right side of the window and my text types to the left. :banghead:

I know this may be hard to believe guys but we are making progress...