Help me please


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Hey everyone.
I was reading in a few threads that mention that the handling
on the Busa is quite a bit worse once lowered.
I'm thinking of dropping mine 1 and 1.5 and am concerned
how bad the cornering ability will be.
I love carving corners but also love that lowered stance
some of you have.
How bad is it.
Please advise.
hi ya Monster....this is just my 2 cents but....
It's a sportbike,not a '65 chevy Impala , you've got to have " RIDE-A-BILITY". Some days yer gonna wanna go out an' do the twisties . Lowering could make ya crash .
The "GO-LO" boys on here are gonna tell ya (if there honest that is) that there will be roads in yer 'hood that you wont even wanna ride down , once yer lowered . Not too mention roads you dont know . You've got a hundred an' seventy five horse , decent handling , yer gonna miss that.
You will have a very cool,go-fast-in-a-straight-line bike , if ya lower it . If I had the time....I'd have both . The ultimate SUPERSPORTS bike . An' the .... GO FA HO, SUPA LO, COS' ALL MA DAM DOUGH , BUSA SHOW . Later Man. Stay off da' crack , unless its wrapped in a thong . hee hee hee .
I say do not do it also. I lowered mine for one day. Looks very cool, but handles poorly compared to stock. There were millions of $$$$ in R&D to find the best of both worlds, handling and top speed. I think they got it perfect. If I was just going to show the bike I would definitely slam it (lower it) but if you want to ride it, forget it.
Both of the prior post are correct...If you intend on riding the curves alot leave it alone...If your looking for more cool points and have no intent on riding curves slam the !#@$!...If your looking for a little of both but don't want to spend a lot of money you can do this...Buy a strap for the front end and adjustable lowering links for the rear...Benefit if your going to the track straight line racing strap it down when you leave track release strap and your fron returns to normal ride height...Adjustable links in rear take about five minutes give or take a few seconds to either lower or raise if at the track lower it and once again before you leave raise it...There now you have the best of both worlds...You can can the strap and links from Schintz Racing their a very good company...