Help me out here, Which mod to do myself?


Re-Recycled, Busa-Less...
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So which would you all recomend?  Brakes, or Heli-bars, which would be better to do in your own garage?  Or Both I suppose, niether really sounds that hard, it's just the nature of these things that scares me... Any thoughts...  Thanks Guys...
I did the heli-bars my self its a fairly quick and easy mod. I let a shop do the brakelines simply because i felt more secure about being able to hold them responsible if their was air in the lines, not to mention it was free since they were doing some other mods as well. Buy a speed bleeder if you are going to do your own brakes. my $.02 worth
Thanks for getting back me guys,

I am with Dezzy on this one, I can do the helibars but will let the shop take care of the brake lines for much the same reasons.  Man no front brakes on a Busa...that could be a real scary thing.

Thanks for the link, I might just do the brakes myself as well...