Help me help a fellow rider..


I need the following to help a Busa rider get back on the road. All parts will go into a 2001 Hayabusa motor.

1. Crankshaft in good condition.
2. Set of connecting rods.
3. Main and rod bearings.
4. Cam Chain.
5. Cam Chain Sliders
6. Throttle Position Sensor

The guy lost oil pressure and spun his rod bearings. The crank's rod journals are burned and pitted. Anybody know if this can be fixed. I know that the journals are specially heat treated but just want to know if they are repairable by undercutting them.
Also, can anybody recommend a good source for a 1397 kit? I am not sure if the stroker kit is done with a different crank or larger bores.
Your help is greatly appreciated in advance.
complete rotating assembly 3 hours left..... under 400.00 so far:
eBay - item number: 200020746811
Yeah, I am hi bidder. Thats me, JetAssist aka Projekt aka Nose Breaker aka Sunset Window Breaker..

that was parting out engines

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