Help me find a video


Hey guys, I am looking for a video clearly showing any rider hanging off in a turn, and then falling off (or almost falling off) due to relaxing grip of the outside leg. IIRC, Rossi had a close call like that. I just can't seem to find any video. Little help please.:please:
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OK humans, I will make it interesting by offering a $$$ reward. :smile_face_r:

I need to have this video by Monday night 11:59 p.m. EST. It should clearly show that a rider fell or almost fell from the bike because he/she didn't hold on to the bike with the outside leg. Tank slappers, spinning tires, stoppies, and stunts do NOT count. Not holding the bike with the outside leg should be the only visible reason for a crash or a close call.

As soon as I identify the winner he/she gets $5 promptly sent to their PayPal account which you would have to pm me after I indicate you as a winner.

Cap, I hope I don't violate any rules, and if so please let me know and suggest how I should do it differently.
Thank you. I viewed a few times. It seems the rear started sliding first, which caused the rider to lose the balance. I could use this video if there is nothing better, but would prefer something more clear and without a slide. Thank you for the effort.
There are a couple in here.

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At 2:19 and 3:10, although the video doesn't show a prior second, at least it seems there was no visible shake prior to the loss of balance. Thanks!