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My father in-law has a 2012 Suzuki TU250. Cool little bike, single cylinder, air cooled.
He's been looking for a crash bar for it for some time, with no luck.
Apparently there is a Japanese version of the same bike called the Volte.
There is a crash bar available for that, but it's Japan only(from what I can find).
It's also over $300, which is about twice what he wanted to spend on one. That's steep for a metal bar too.
Anyone know of anywhere to get something like this, black or chrome, doesn't matter.
Here's what the bike looks like and the type of bar I'm talking about.
Thanks for any help.





Top Gun
With such a talented Son-in-Law im sure he could fab up something for him!!!:laugh:

:rofl:...welding is not my strong point.
I could make something up between a few friends with welders and pipe benders, but I'de rather he just buy something. I need to make time to fix my bike!:laugh:


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I think that's the Japanese one I saw. It's even smaller than I thought seeing it on the bike.
He's actually looking for something that sticks out far from the frame, not just around the engine.
So that if he falls over he has a better chance of getting out from under it.
He rides good and rode quite a lot in his younger years. He got the 250 last summer just to cruise around on.
He doesn't have the strength he used to(has some health issues), and is concerned he may drop it in grass or gravel.
Was hoping to have the wide old school crash bar just in case, and without spending a fortune or having to get something fabricated.
Thanks for looking though, I appreciate it.

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