Help!! Help Salvage Labor day wkend


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Boys and Girls....

I was having a great time Friday and Saturday riding the busa....Saturday nite I was at the filling station gassing her up for a Sunday morning run to the cornfields of Illinois (quite a far distance from nearest busa dealer or anything for that matter) when I noticed a freaking nail in my back tire. The tire still has good pressure but I figure that high speed runs in the cornfields 50 miles away from the nearest dealer is now out of the question (or am I wrong?). But can I ride the thing around town without too much worry or will I damage the tire which still has good tread
(odometer just hit 3,000 miles).

I guess my question is can I do short rides since no dealers are open for the next two days and I don't have the equipment to fix the tire. I do not know how deep the nail goes and the only way to find out is to pull it. But if it goes flat, my riding plans are hosed......what do you folks think?
If I stay under 70 mph and close to home, am I ok or is this an accident waiting to happen?

Anxiously awaiting your feedback.
I would tend to lean towards the don't ride it side......but I'd have to see it in person to decide.
You may be fine........I'm sure lots of us have ridden on a tire for miles and miles before we even realized it had a nail in it.

If ya ride it very careful.
id pull it and plug it before id chance a 100mph flat ive done the 45 mph flat and believe me its to fun.
I'd ride it real slow to the nearest repair shop or home .
Will you damage it more by riding it already hosed . I wont ride a plugged tire unless its absolutely nessecary .
The correct way to fix it will be to remove it frm the rim and patch it from the inside .
If its the front tire...personally, I would thro it away.
If its the rear , I might use it causiously untill I get the new one. Some folks will ride a patched tire,some wont . If yer gonna ride a patched tire,get a pro to do it......DONT let some donkey-bobo named Orville at Tyrs "R" Us fix it. You need a proper patch job , then a re-balance of the wheel.
Consider this: cost of re/re the wheel
cost of patching
cost of balancing
cost of new valve
now you've got a patched tire on the back of the worlds fastest production vehicle .

or buy a new skin....maybe get free mount & balance.

Have a good 1....RSD.
RSD.....great point.....given what shops charge these days...might just go with a new tire altogether. Its raining in Chicago now so there will be no riding....if weather lets up I will keep her under 50mph.....

Riding the fastest production motorcycle on a patched tire doesn't sound right when you really think about it.

Anyone care to tell me the cost of a new tire (estimate) and what it costs to mount, balance etc etc....
I'd pull the nail. Then contact Narcissus, If the tire has tread left he likes to patch 'em & run 'em.
Just don't use Green Slime tire sealant. :laugh: My buddy did and it made a really big mess. Painted his inner fender bright green. :laugh: Motorcycle tires generate to much heat and it keeps the slime from setting up.
I had a nial in my tire, drove it for about two weeks, all was fine, then one day my tire blew right off the bike at about 40 miles per hour. lucky i didnt drop the bike, but i highly recomend getting a new tire