Help, getting a big bore kit


Purple Rain - Dino
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thought id ask on here which one of the sponsers/members are able to give me an estimate on the parts on labor.
its been over 3 years since i had my 2000 done and i dont remember what it ran. i cant find the reciept either.
i know the bike will need to be dropped of for a while, but i would appritiate if you could direct me to the right way send me a PM or some1 to contact first so we could talk about it.
I will call smithers out in KC but i thought i post here first
thanks in advance guy:beerchug:


boosted finally
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i know carolina cycles had a pretty good rate on a big bore kit with everything for around 1600 that was cams, adjustable sprockets, oil gear and just alot of extras that went with the bigger motors, you might get with them to purchase and then just get someone to install and tune it

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