Help fix my exhaust leak


Hey I've been getting lots of backfiring on decel so I did the pair removal today to solve it. When I was done pulling the thing out I started the bike before reinstalling the fairing. I found the my Micron pipe was leaking at the 4 to 2 junction. I had my head down there checking it out and got light headed quickly, it was blowing like a hair dryer on low.  The middle two cylinders seemed to be the worst but they were all leaking. All the springs seem to be in place, and I couldn't get any movement when I tried to wiggle it.  What should I do?  I remember some sealing tape I used for my MX exhaust, Should I try that?

Thanks, Art
art, i have a full micron and had the same problem i ended up changing the exhaust gaskets and solved the noise. it sounded like i could hear the valves clicking. and i used a rubber mallet to seat the collector. btw did you have to cut the old round exhaust hanger from the engine case?, i couldnt keep the micron from rubbing it otherwise.
I didn't install the pipe, it was on the bike when I got it this summer. However I checked and the mount seems to still be there, if it is in the center back part of the engine.  There was only about 2mm clearance to the pipe on my bike.

I tried tapping the collectors with a rubber mallet but it didn't seem to do much, how hard can I hit them?
I did a seach and discovered that aftermarket exhaust leaks aren't uncommon and that some people use high temp silicone to seal them. I'll try it tomorrow.
you can strike the pipe pretty hard with a rubber head mallet. i didnt have to use silicone but i did cut the round eye mount under the engine so the pipe fit properly. the system you have savedme about 25 -28 pounds from stock system. also the center pipes are the hardest to get to make sure they are real tight at the block.