HELP 04 Busa Starting Problems


I just purchased a 04 Busa from the dealership here in town, it started fine at first but now it is real touchy. I've probally put 200miles on it in 2 weeks. I use the choke to start --it will act like it will start and then dies. I have already had to push it and throw it in gear to start it. So last night i was going to ride it started and then died. I tried it agian a couple hrs later nothing, and then today at lunch-nothing. Its acting like its not getting fuel. I have no idea whats going on. Has anybody had these problems?


Check battery and spark plugs. If you just bought it from the dealer, I would take it back or call them and complain to them about your problem.



they put a new battery in when i bought the bike. It could be spark but the bike honestly sounds like it not getting fuel
I would check your spark plugs first. If the spark plugs are just fine then I would check your fuel pump. But start with the plugs because that's easy to check. The bike cranks right? If so then the battery and starter is fine. Keep us posted. GL. :please:


ok--plugs r good--battery is good--it sounds like the fuel pump is not priming--i read something about a cdi unit what is this? The bike starter and battery are working good. It started last night --i hear that whine ur fuel pump makes and it started right up. Turned it off and started agian 3 or 4 times, then that whine(ur fuel pump makes) never came back---any ideas? would it be something electrical? I have no clue where the fuses r or which one to check. thx--for the help


Lily's Daddy
maybe the fuel pump should whin every time you turn the key to on(every time)


the relay seems to be working--u hear that click under the seat --just no priming out of the fuel pump. WHAT IS A CDI UNIT???


the dealership said they would fix it:beerchug::thumbsup:
That's great!! Just some info... the fuel pump will not prime if the bike is in gear when the key is turned on, the bike must be in neutral. A buddy of mine was having problems with his 2000 Busa tonight at bike night, the bike would crank really strong but would not start. He changed his spark plugs and it started right up!:beerchug:

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