Helmets, same sad story


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Thomas W. Akridge, 49, of Wellborn, was pronounced dead at the scene of the 6:50 p.m. crash on SR 40 at Southwest 166th Court Road, about 3 miles east of U.S. 41. | Ocala.com | Star-Banner | Ocala, FL

I see this happening a lot. Ya know I don't remember reading an article
involving a death and a motorcycle where they said the rider WAS wearing
a helmet. Obviously it happens but your chances for survival are GREATLY
improved with a helmet.

It wasn't even the riders fault, except for maybe "laying it down" (newbie
urban myth), your bike stops faster upright on two wheels, laying it down,
you give up control of your bike and regardless of what happens next...you
just had an accident.

And to a point I made on another helmet post...granted the driver of the
vehicle is at fault with the DUI (and I have zero tolerance for drinking and
driving) but instead of a DUI and an accident charge...he now faces...
"Nevola was arrested and charged with DUI manslaughter and other charges."

Tell me again how the only people you affect not wearing a helmet is YOU...
very narrow vision of the world...:banghead:


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Hate to see this. R.I.P.

What no pictures for the people that "don't care"?
Where are all the "it was his choice" voices that are so vocal on other threads?

I hope to never see this type of post again but I am sure we will.

Wear your gear, not just a helmet, someone at home cares about you and wants you to come home to them.


I live in IA and know one seems to wear a helmet, when I go to bike nights and whatever I am among a very small group of people that actually wore a helmet and even get ridiculed at times... doesn't faze me though, I don't leave with out my helmet, it has saved me a couple times. same scenario as this one actuall (but they weren't drunk just careless)

But RIP and I feel bad for the family he left behind too...

Lamb busa

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Fast lane Ken, a former member on here, was fully geared when he lost his life earlier this year. It does happen. RIP to a fellow rider!


After reading the article I'm a bit confused -

"Based on evidence at the scene and witness statements, Akridge "attempted to take evasive action by applying brakes and laying [the motorcycle] down on its right side to avoid collision," Weber wrote.

The front of Nevola's Hyundai hit the right front of the motorcycle, throwing Akridge and Coulter-Braden from the cycle."

If the bike was already down on it's right side, how did the Hyundai hit the right front and throw the riders off the bike? Looks like they would of already been off the bike at that point?

Just seems strange...


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Fast lane Ken, a former member on here, was fully geared when he lost his life earlier this year. It does happen. RIP to a fellow rider!
What is your point Lamb? I just posted a study that shows that the rate of motorcycle related organ donations goes up by 10% when a state repeals a helmet law. That right there should be proof enought that helmets save lives. Yes unfortunately it will not save you 100% of the time but what do you gain by pointing that out in a thread about a rider that died because he did not have a helmet on?
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