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Speed and Strength SS1600 Cruise Missile
Fitment was dead perfect for my big head with the 2XL size. It fits more snug than my other HJC helmet. Feels lighter than HJC as well. Tested on highway and it is less noisier. Quality seems extremely good for the price ($200). Includes an internal flip down tinted visor that I will not be able to use since I do wear glasses. Unfortunately they did not clear the inside tinted drop down. The D ring is actually very soft material so a little bit of a bigger pain to buckle correctly and close to impossible with gloves. The HJC uses a material that is not as soft so easier to maneuver. Extremely happy with this helmet but we will see how it holds up over time.




MODEL: Shark Drak

Shark Drak 3/4 Helmet -
I purchased this helmet initially for mostly around town use. I do not have motorcycle specific prescription sunglasses so having the wind in your eyes is not a good feeling. This helmet takes care of that. The face shield is very easy to use and can slide up to the top when you want to just cruise without it. Visibility is very good but it is slightly limited when looking to the sides. I realized I turn my head more then when using a regular full face helmet. I think the optics are very good quality as the helmet seems pretty resistant to scratches on the lenses and does not seem to ever want to fog. The helmet feels lighter than a FF by quite a bit. Fitment is about what you would expect, this is a 2X and fits my big head quite well. The best part is this comes with a quick attach strap which is very easy to use and extremely secure. The liner inside is removable for easy cleaning as well. A negative which I can say I have noticed is the fact that on highway speeds the helmet can get a bit noisy. Where the face mask meets the sides of the helmet the gaps allow for air to push through and basically create a lot of noise for the ears. If I was to choose a helmet for mostly highway riding only a true full face would do.






MODEL: HJC CL-17 Punisher II Helmet
PRICE PAID: $184.95

HJC Punisher II:
This is a full face helmet that is mostly used on highway trips. I received this as a gift. I have a pretty big head and this is a size 2X. I noticed that fitment is pretty good overall but the helmet might run just a little big. I think an XL would have suited me just fine. Overall the helmet is decent quality but not a top tier helmet by any means. The face shield does show some gaps in areas that let air in. It comes with a clear shield but any HJ-09 shields fit this helmet. I confirmed with HJC before ordering in case anyone had a similar question as it was not advertised. This is the DARK SMOKE shield that I was a bit afraid to use at night but to be honest it is no big deal. South Florida streets are well lit but I do not recommend this for use in dark areas without street lights. I have the clear shield that originally came with the helmet for that use. The helmet feels big and a little heavy compared to many others. Swapping shields is a breeze on these helmets and requires no tools whatsoever. Literally a 10 second ordeal. I wear glasses and there is enough room underneath for them as well. I really wish this helmet came with a quick connect under-chin strap.





Cost $650 Cdn
Carbon shell with drop down visor

Did a lot of researching and looked at many helmets, I had an older RPHA 11 so am familiar with the HJC brand. It fits like a glove and the drop down visor is designed for glasses (I only need them for reading). It has pads that come out which makes it easier to remove the helmet for emergency service people.

So far I have only wore it for an hour or so in mixed riding, it is quiet (but it is also brand new) fits great and light. The drop down visor is easy to find and use with gloves on and the main vents are easy to use on the fly. The secondary vents are a challenge to get to with gloves though. It also has pockets with which to put speakers in if wanted (HJC sells the system).

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