Helmet life


What is the life span of a helmet? What, in the helmet, expires causing the helmet to not be fit for protection? Is it a life expectancy standard across all helmet manufacturers or are they different? I probably could've just googled the answer but figured I would make a thread on this topic.


I was just posting that I have always been told 6 years by shoei and Bell BUT I will defer to The Google Master on this one and say okay 5 it is :bowdown:
(He even found it AND posted it before i could finish typing this haha)


As soon as I saw your post, I said to myself 5 yrs is the life span of a helmet. Amazing how many people are wearing helmet for 20 yrs or so.

I checked my helmet and the removable liner is in perfect shape, not sure what he does with his helmet to make it come apart like that-he must have acid sweat or something.

I wash my helmet liner once a month in the summer and just before I store it for the winter.


Things to add. Placing helmet over gas cap on tank = No, followed by placing on mirrors or other items is a no.
Gas fumes destroy the foam, and PSI on foam in one area breaks it down. Always hang from straps or set flat on a surface.

Miles ridden to. Know people who wear a helmet out every year or two. Mine usually make two to 3 years before worn-out.


Same general concept as car seats. Every five to ten years or after every accident. When I wrecked my bike last year, my HJC sustained only surface scratches. Replaced it with my AGV.

The padding and even the foam inside deteriorates over time. Another reason why a properly fitting helmet is key.


Just went and checked mine, by feel it seems perfectly solid, there was no deterioration that I could detect....I change mine every few years anyway but was just curious.
This is really something that you can't see or feel for unless you take helmet completely apart which ruins it. C-10 is 100% right but the big No no is impact so every time whoops helmet slips out of hand or off mirror or slider the foam lining takes the bump compresses to x degree but is not visible from the outside. Have I had a helmet fall of course do i replace no 5 yrs of use/abuse is about right. Moto cross/ x game riders retire a helmet after every big crash (impact) as rider with 40 helmets put it every concussion.


I have a helmet that is pretty old and I have replaced the padded liner a couple years ago. It is waaaayyy over 5 years old though and should be retired!

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