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Who makes the most quiet helmet? I have an Aria Quantum/f and it is pretty noisey from the wind. I want to use an Ipod with buds and want a lid that is quiet. Any experience here on this?


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my rf-1000 is well vented but not real quiet, i think any well vented is not going to be real quiet, just my opinion..good luck in your quest :beerchug:


Aussie...try this little trick before deciding if your helmet is unacceptable. Try shrugging your shoulders as if you were trying to protect your neck against a strike by the executioner's sword. Why? Many people think their helmets are noisy. But in reality in many situations what noise you are hearing is the wind blast hitting your shoulders or upper chest and being redirected upwards into the underside of your helmet. If you find the wind blast is attenuated with the shoulder shrug there are ways to defeat that...ie...skirts or some sort of small towel tucked into the perimeter of the lower helmet once you have it on. I always wear ear plugs and a bandana over my ears to protect my hearing...but have resorted to using a small towel wedged into my helmet perimeter...very very quiet...and it has nothing to do with the vents...it is all about the wind blast hitting your shoulders and being redirected...cheap fix POME...ha ha ...love your country and the people...2hip....
for those who haven't heard the word POME..prisoner of mother England..and not meant disrespectfully


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i have an arai Quantum and use ear buds...get a nice set and they eliminate the noise for you. i dont have an issue with noise at all.

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