Hello, I'm new to busa riding... not riding tho.

Hello my name is Pete. I have riden on two wheels since I was 'bout 7yrs. old. (motorized) It started w/ a honda minibike and has just gotten bigger. My street bikes have been '72 CL350, '79 KZ750 twin, '82KZ1100 (currently accepting payments on), and an '82 XV920 Virago (also getting payments for). The wife let me get my new '02 silver/gray busa. I have wanted one since '98. I have ridden it for 3 weeks, and it broke the chain. :( But hopefully w/ some of your help we can get it back together again.

P.S.- I like any wisdom you want to pass along.... and dirty jokes too.:laugh:


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:welcome: Chain shouldn't be any problem...just make sure someone who knows how to rivit the new chain does it right. I had a reputable bike shop put a chain on a SRAD 750 I had a number of years ago. I made it about 5 miles and the chain flew up and slapped the undertail and barely nicked my tail end. You gotta do it right~!~


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Welcome, chain is an easy fix. How was your bike maintained by the previous owner. I would also check the sprockets too. Cant wait to see the pics! :beerchug:
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