Hello from India


Hello everyone.... My name is Tims and I'm from India. Just got myself a white 2013 Busa in June. I've been going through the forum for a couple of weeks now. Kudos to all you experienced Busa owners. I'm overwhelmed by the host of information and experiences shared on this site.

Here are some pics of my babe.....





Have fun and be safe...have you had other bikes? The pictures look nice...there are many parts to add...do you plan on leaving it stock or changing things up?
Very nice!! Welcome to the oRg!!


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BusaOCD welcome to the forum! What part of Infia are you from? I spent 9 months in Pune last year. You are definitely the king of the road because most bikes were less than 250cc's
Hiya Tims. I'm from Sydney, even further away from most of these guys/gals than you!

Another one on our team! Congratulations! Any issue w/ the ABS braking system? There was a stop sale/distribution here in the States due to an issue w/ the ABS system on the 2013's.
Welcome to the club! I used to work for TCS and showed your post to some workmates from Chennai. Ever since Dhoom they're loving the Busa and yours especially. Sweet ride!

My My.... so many warm warm welcomes. Thanks guys. Thanks a lot.

-RYC1966, I plan to keep it bone stock, or at least that is the intention for now. Maybe later I might get turned on and ................

-murderwon, I live in Mumbai. And Yes, you are the king of the road here in India. In the last 2 months I have not come acros another superbike.

-cheferman65 , you seem to be a chef, from your name and profile pic. I too am a chef by profession. So far, no isue with ABS. It works just fine. Infact, braking is awesome, especially compared to the older Busas. i have ridden 2 before (not owned)

-Dr. Gonzo, Dhoom was the flick responsible for bringing Busa awareness to the country. Before that, hardly anyone knew about the Busa, except for die hard fans.

Thank you once again everyone for the warm welcome and the lovely comments.