Hello and some HELP :)


i found my way here by watching the ultimate top 10 and the busa beeing at the 10 mark.....

i have to say im 19 and have been wanting a motorcycle ever since i can remember and my parents never understood it so i have to say that i HAVE to get my M1

YEY CANADA........

well on a different note i noticed that alot of people have pics and so on.... so i have to put my word in.... i just recently started a image hosting website....
I can host all the pics that you have every member has 2.5 megs of space and its free
I might have to put some restrictions on that as i only have 10 gigs of transfer a month but well see....

Ya so thats what i have to say ...... you can kinda tell what field i am going into
If i only had money i would go get a bike...... but i have to W O R K for it :| meh ive got a car and my g for now......

im inthe kitchiner area.... i aint a hayabusa owner yet i want to start with something slower :|
Welcome to the site. Lots of people here without Busa's........ But, when your ready for your bike you no where to come and get good info!
The busa isn't my first bike but it is my first sport bike. I can see why some say to start with something slower to learn on if it's your first bike but if you have some bike experience and some common sense (most important of the two) you could do the busa as your first.

I mean, it's not like you fire up the the busa, let out the clutch, and it just automatically goes full throttle and shifts it's self until you hit the limiter in 6th gear. I've had mine a few weeks now and have yet to go full throttle or go above 8000 rpm. I'll likely never see my busa's top speed. Aside from it's heft being a little obvious in low speed tight parking lot maneuvers it's as controllable as any other bike I've owned or ridden. Why? Because I am doing my best to operate at my own level rather than trying to do everything the busa will do.

With that said, I am glad I didn't have something like the busa when I was 19. Probably wouldn't have made it to be 33.  
 I think you are making a good decision in starting with something besides a busa. As I said, I'm 33 and wondering if I'm mature enough for a busa. So far common sense has prevailed. Time will tell...
Welcome to the board, Bubu... The busa is powerful but docile. I've tried to go full throttle a couple of times but usually I don't go above 6000rpm unless I am feeling the need. It's a great bike to cruise around too.