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I am considering ordering a set of helibars but don't know much about them. So i am hoping somebody with experience with them can educate me. My hopes are that they will allow me to be a little more comfortable when riding for longer rides. So will they? And at what cost to performance?


Motorboatin' Moonpies, Gangnam Style
No cost to performance, no cost to looks (you can't even notice they are different) and the comfort is much better. Not so much in height as in angle.



Motorboatin' Moonpies, Gangnam Style
are there different heights for the heli bars or just one set height been looking into them also and does it effect turning any?

All the same. If anything it helps turning since you get more leverage after installing them.

And no, your stock lines will work just fine with only Helibars..
Overall do they help reduce some of the fatigue to the shoulders and back, improving overall ride comfort? And y'all are saying they do not reduce any handling wether it be laying down behind the windscreen while eating up the Busa challengers or cornering? So then is there any cons to them?
I'm not so tall or big at 5'9" 185lbs and I wanna relax a little more physically while riding as opposed to my previous Gixxers. Even the stock posture has me stretched pretty far forward. Just thinking these may be a good solution as long as they won't compromise handling when I do wanna get low with her. Unfortunately I don't know anybody with them to try myself. So I appreciate all of the input. Thanks.
So far all the feedback of the helibars seems to be positive and encouraging to putting them on. Any negatives about them? And kinda of of subject, but what is the buell peg mod? Forgive me for my rookieness to the org.

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