Helibar/genmar upgrade


Just another update on the Helibar Genmar conversion. Got them in the mail yesterday and two hours later they're on and work great. Instructions, fit and ease of installation were all perfect and what a difference in riding position. Thin this bike could become a cruiser! I highly recommend these products for the rider who wants a more relaxing upright riding position.
Don't have any pics yet. Got the Heli bars direct from Heli in Maine and paid 169.95 plus shipping and paid 136.95 for the genmar risers 3/4 inch. Got those direct from genmar also. I've heard that there are better prices thru other supply houses but don't know where to send you to find them. Really happy with the results. Now either a gel seat or a Corbin or Rich's from Seattle seat and this will be one nice touring cruiser!