Heli bars and lowering tripple


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I have the 1.5" Reapers and have the front lowered 1.25" with a ZGDB screen and had to dremel (drum sander) some "notches" so my switch housings don't hit. I tried rotating the housings and they still hit. The only real issue was the high beam turning on with the bars cranked to the right.

Hope this helps...

Need a pic of the notches?
I did a 3/4 inch drop with my stock bar tree along with a set of Heli's had to cut the Double bubble so I pitched it and put on a ZG Touring screen and everything clears.
I was actually wondering the same thing. I had 1" risers on the stock tree with Heli's on my 2005, But I want to lower my '06 more than that.
I want to do a lowered tripple tree with the Heli's.
Thanks for the info guys, were doing grandpa's 06 firtst, already have the heli-bars on it, he's running a sport tour puig so hopefully everything fits.

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