Heli Bar (HeliBar) Install tips


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Well I installed them. I'm not a mechanical whiz, but wanted to give some tips to those who may install these things.

1. Start by removing the windshield.
1a. Remove the bar-ends.
2. Remove the reservoirs first. It makes step 4 much easier.

3. Remove the 2 hex screws. Loosening the one closest to the grip won't do, it must be removed.

4. With the bar loose, you can twist it to get easy access to the screws on the throttle assembly. There are 3 screws (2003 Busa) on the throttle mechanism. I loosened all 3, but I think you only need to loosen 2. One on the front and one on the back. NOT like what I started doing (2 on the back).

5. billybulletproof suggested using washers for the relocated choke. I didn't do that, but it's a good idea.

6. Alcohol works wonders on getting the grip off. I'm not exactly sure what type of adhesive to use when putting it back on.

My initial impressions (after 15 minute ride):
1. I like the way the bars feel. I don't have as much weight on my wrists and feel more upright.

2. On slow turns, the bike feels easier to handle.

3. If I've got the bars turned to max (both left and right), my hands hit the mirrors. It's not a lot, in fact it doesn't even change the mirror, but it does bug me. I'm thinking that I may buy wider mirrors now since the stockers give me an excellent view of my elbows.

If anyone has any questions about an upcoming install, feel free to contact me, and I'll gladly offer my advice.
hey juggler.i installed my heli bars and had the same problem, so i ground the slot in the bars out a little and was able to twist the just enough to clear everything.