Heavy Winds Did Damage


I got home from work today and my BUSA and shed were on its side.She sustained lower faring,hump,mirror and side faring damage.It looks like I have to paint her after all.Sad day :sad:
That sux!! Hope everything turns out good for you in the long run
Sorry to hear the bad news. Hope your insurance will cover it.

Good luck!
Sorry to hear that Jet...If you had the big o'l goldwing you were riding here in July, it would have held your shed up. Hope all comes out ok.....Bob
That's bad! What a terrible thing to come home to...we've had winds, but damn!
Hope insurance covers a nice new custom paint job!
Dam Jet sorry. We got the 70 mph winds here also. Very scary. Hopfully your home home owners covers the damage.
Ditto here on the high winds.Here in Mich. we had 71 mph recorded in Ypsilanti(where I work), and 80+ in Flint(about 1 hour away - both were gusts, not sustained). The 'Busa was safe in my 2 car attached garage, but I lost a few shingles off of the roof and the cover on my pool is ripped in a couple of places from flappin' arround. Sorry about the dammage to your bike, as you well know we got a bunch of good people on this board - hopefully if ya need anything, we can help.

Pit Bull
I know that was saddening to see when you got home. Sorry about that. We have had winds here, but nowhere near 70+ mph. I'm sure she will look great after the fix up though.
The winds were crazy yesterday. I hope you can get it fixed soon.
Hey,I knew there was a reason I liked this site thanks for all the love, :tounge: there is a positive note. I have an excuse to get a custom paint job and I don't need approval from the War Dept(wife) she was almost as upset as I was.She probaly thinks I knocked it over.Either way I see new paint in the future. ;)
Damn Trevor,

Sorry to hear that!! But like you side, custom paint job coming right up!!! You know when you come out here in July you're gonna wanna bring Suzi-Q with her new paint job with ya!!!!!!

Sorry about the "incident" but I guess it could have been worse!!