Heat shield for tank/airbox


I have heard of other bikes doing this to prevent engine heat from getting to the fuel/air. Tehcnically speaking the bike runs better on cool air/fuel (plus you can stuff more into the cylinders at a lower temp = more power).

Has anyone tried applying adhesive heat shield to the underside ofthe airbox and/or tank? Heck maybe it already has this stock but I have not noticed it. We all know how hot a Busa gets in traffic for instance. Actually since I put a pipe on, mine runs cooler, but still what do you think? Would it make any difference?
there is some heat shield type stuff under the tank...  But, not the airbox.  Dunno if this would work or not.  Worth a shot I guess.

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What works is moving the sensor that sits in the air box. Move it to the front of the bike where it gets regular air @ temp.