Heat shield airbox

Had some really good heat shielding tape left over from my last Gixxer I owned . I had bought two rolls , to wrap the underneath of GSXR1100M tank , and had 1 leftover . Wanted to do the Busa airbox , when time allowed , and got it done today . I forget the name of the company that makes it , hink it actually comes from a UK company . I have just fitted up Schnitz short stacks and am waiting on a Sprint P08 F1-85 filter to try out also .



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That stuff really does work!
Who knows how much of a measurable gain, but I think it's worth it.
I put radiant barrier on my garage doors, attic ceiling, and saw a huge drop in my electric bill.
Now I put under the carpet of my Land Rover(and will be putting it above the headliner). It makes a noticeable difference in heat and sound.
That airbox looks great!



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Because it reflects heat, and really does work.
If it can lower the temperature of the airbox, then the air traveling through it should be cooler, even though the air isn't in there very long. Every little bit counts.

And, as far as my Land Rover goes, I could notice a difference in sound and heat, before I even finished the back half pictured.
I was shocked to see that in my air box after both ( stock ) , and ( K&N ) left it clean in the box . Then I found that video afterwards . :(
Not looking real good for the 'standard type Sprint filter ', but looks like it'd flow air real good ... hahaha .
Luckily , I don't do tour distance riding on my L2 , I ride it fairly selectively , it is just now topping 12 K km , but of course I want it sucking filtered air ... otherwise I would listen to my old mate and get the Montgomery unfiltered Carbon Airbox .
I will try it out and regularly inspect the sealed section of the airbox .

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