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:whip: Got quite a scare the other day. I was 100 miles from home and my heat gauge was through the roof!!! Fan was running then stopped. Engine didn't seem hot, plenty of fluid in res...
Shut it down waited a couple minutes turned key on again still red hot waited 1hr, key turned, gauge topped out again RED! Then without starting it needle went to just above cold. Started it, rode for 10 -15 minutes all as norm stopped again turned off then turned on key ( engine off )  needle was normal then suddenly jumped to red for 10 seconds or so then went back to norm instantly. I'm guessing heat sensor sending unit, thermostat or maybe gauge??? Anybody got any ideas or have you had this prob???  Aloha  -


Had a similar problem when the bike was new, contacted the dealer, they had come accross it before and suggested i turn it off and on again, It happened a couple of times over the last 2 years, I agree maybe a dickie guage, Could try some of this stuff!!!


Ain't got any choice until i get a garage built, last year i put her in the kitchen but it was not easy, had to take all the doors of to get her in.
I have just got up and there is about 8'' on her again goes well against the blue no !!!!!
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