headlight issues


I have a 2005 that was in a flood in 2011 since then i had sent the motor to carpenter racing had a 1397 built replaced the entire wire harness changed bearings injectors sensors the whole nine since i got the bike all back together plastics on and went to ride and noticed that my headlights werent on so i thought that my HID kit just died from all the water so i replaced it with regular bulbs being winter will be here in a month or so and they still dont work. i also noticed my plate light and tail light isnt on either the tail light lights up when i push the brakes i checked all the fuses everything checks out fine i was messing with it again this evening and noticed that my high beam lights up when i push the pass button but thats about it and im stumped any help here would be great this whole thing has me scratching my head and im leaning towards the switch is bad but i dont understand why all the other lights dont work either so i dont know what to do here
i thought that to but i have no clue where to check for the grounds i checked the plugs for the head and tail light and they are all connected i tried to wiggle the harness thinking maybe something was loose and they would flicker but i get nothing