Headlight casts an image...


I'm sure all you die hard Hayabusa fans allready knew this -but I just recently found out that if ,in complete darkness ,you shine your headlight at a big enough open space -it will display a big beautiful falcon ,wings spread wide ,in a dramatic dive-it left me quite content ,the other night as I saw for the first time- a little mythical detail spread out in front of me............
I imagined the falcon diving in all it's grace -hear it cut through the wind ...I was alone on deserted road in complete darkness surrounded by the humidity and pungent odors of the Louisiana swamp ...it was a quarter to eleven at nigth ...the moon was near full... engine purring flawlessly ,suspension set rigth and the chain freshly lubed and tightened...I felt I could ride to the end of the world..and watch the sunrise God bless america , motorcycling and the little falcon that inspired this marvelous bike

Yes the Hayabusa is special..It can bring out very strange
and odd thoughts and visions..delusions,cold sweats,trembling,
yes I too have seen the "Headlight Falcon"

I thought I was just having a bad trip or something but I guess not, cause now I see it every time I ride.

Just good to know that Im not the only one seeing this thing.

I want to testify! I saw the noble bird whose wings spread out to illuminate the asphalt ribbon!

What ever it is you guys are taking, I want some! haha
Just kidding, I know the busa is all the drug I need, and I'll look for the falcon the next night ride i take.

I'm glad somebody had the nerves to mentioned it. I first noticed it a couple of months ago while riding the Busa from Jackson, Ms to San Antonio, Tx (9 hour ride). Seeing that I started my trip after getting off of work (4:30 pm), I had plenty of nighttime riding to enjoy. After countless miles of nighttime riding and nothing to do to entertain myself, I got fixated on part of the highway that was illuminated by the headlights. Thats when I first noticed the feather tips of the wings on both sides. I then drawn my attention inward toward the center, that's when it hit. It is showing me a silhouette of a Japanese Falcon, to guide me safely through the night. Glad to get that off my chest.
All I know is i LOVE to get behind Corvettes with my high beam on and watch them freak out as I blind them with my gigantic headlight

but that falcon sounds cool...ill have to look for it...