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can anyone tell me the RIGHT way to wrap my exhaust header all i got so far is the heat wrap. it has no adhesive so do i need some sort of tape, also i have 50' of the wrap, how much overlap should thier be ?btw its a stainless header.

They make special holders (kind of look like ace bandage wrap clips), but most use hose clamps.......
I had header wrap on my bike for about 6 months. I used hose clamps to secure the wrap, but like ks stated they do make clamps for securing the header wrap. The wrap helped keep some of the heat off of the plastic and that was the main reason I did it. The problem I had is when the material gets wet it will start to come apart. When it was time to change the oil and filter you either have to remove the header or remove the wrap. The wrap was so brittle that it started to crumble just by touching it so I removed the wrap.

I ended up using some header insulation tape and some reflective metal tape that you can find at an air conditioning and heating supply store and installed it on the inside of the plastic. I found the tape at Home Depot. This seems to work better at protecting the plastic then the header wrap did. My .02$
try safety wiring it on. cheap, and fast. also someone mentioned above it had to be removed to change the oil. my buddy made himself a small shroud to funnel the oil out wihout it getting on the wrap.
I have been wondering, I know it sounds odd but what about regular old Aluminum foil, Heavy duty...

I mean two or three layers should work wonders shouldn't it? Hell it's cheap enough...Dunno if it would work though, might just conduct the heat away but not really insulate anything.

I think the Ceramic coatings are the way to go...But I want to do something, the heat coming off them things is pretty serious.
I used Thermo-tec header wrap and hose clamps. Thermo-tec sell a clamp for this purpose but i've heard it doesn't work well and is WAAAAAY overpriced. And the instructions will say 1/4 overlap. AS for oil drainage you just need to use a funnel to keep the oil from draining onto the pipes/wrap not difficult at all. Here's a pic of mine off the bike

no sh*t puck i own a hvac company(heating ventalation and air conditioning company) and was thinking about using the metal tape we stock(good for 600 degrees) to secure the header wrap on the pipe. ill use some clamps to make sure and hope all goes well. thanks also for the pics dezzy

... was thinking about using the metal tape we stock(good for 600 degrees) to secure the header wrap on the pipe. ...
Headers can get to 800degF without much trouble.

I used the ThermoTec wrap but I was stupid enough to try and put it on without removing the headers. That was one unpleasant afternoon, I'm here to tell you, but I actually did it.

It's wrapped down just past the oil cooler, and this does seem to help keep things cooler inside (and less feedback to the radiators -- about 1" away -- in stop-and-go traffic).

I used the ThermoTec clamps and they certainly work but really are a pain to apply. What separates them from hose clamps is that thermal expansion doesn't seem to affect them and there's no set screw or the like.

The first few times they got wet the wrap stunk, but it seems much better with time. Also, I got the wrap they sell that's already colored black, but that dye is wearing off quickly -- looks a little dingy as a result.

ThermoTec also sells a coating foam spray that you can use to "seal" header wrap from the elements, protect it from fraying, etc.
dezzy, does thermotec have a website or phone# . i might change wraps.

btw thanks for posting pics, job looks great
What is the purpose of wrapping a stock header?

I see no large advantage in heat reduction or trying to keep heat away from plastic (by design it is not even close) enough to warrant wasting the time and/or energy to wrap them?
You can cut and place this high heat tape on the inside of your plastic parts to protect up to 2000 degrees. ...
This will definitely work for that application, however, it won't cut down on the heat transferred back into the coolant and oil from the headers where they pass close to radiators.

Not an issue at speed, but a factor in stop-and-go riding.

In any case, be sure to clean the inside of your panels so the adhesive has the best chance to stick -- I've had some of that reflective thermal tape peel off pretty easily.
its not a stock header not exactly sure how much heat it will generate or if it will be closer to plastic.want tokeep the heat in the pipe not under my butt.
The plastic seems to handle the heat. I have the Akra stainless pipes and they are within 1/4" on the bottom and nothing has melted so far. The advantage of the heat tape is to keep the pipes from baking the radiators when moving slowly. Since I wrapped the pipes, the temp gauge has not gone much past the middle mark on the gauge - even in 100+ temps in stopped traffic. I am running the stock fan and the original coolant too. Before this mod the engine would get close to red line in stopped traffic.

I used the stainless wire for tying off the wrap. It works well and doesn't slip. I tied the end of the wrap and twisted it tight, then took that 1 inch long twisted tail and folded it down on the wrap. Then I pulled the loose ends around the pipe and twisted it again. This was repeated 5-6 times untill I ran out of wire. This spider web of wire is very tight and grips the first 6 inches of wrap. It can't move now. I don't have to retighten them ever. It will have to be cut off with diaginal pliers and it is also very light weight.
dezzy, does thermotec have a website or phone# . i might change wraps.

btw thanks for posting pics, job looks great

Thermo-Tec Automotive Products
P.O. Box 96
Greenwich, Ohio 44837

800-274-8437 Toll free
419-962-4556 Outside the US
419-962-4013 Fax

Thanks for the compliment HP... when i did it several other guys on the board were talking about it so i figured i'ld snap the pics for those that might follow.. You can do a search on thermo-tec to find the best price or you can find it in racing/performance auto/truck shops.

Cookie the reason one wraps the headers is to reduce the ambiant heat temp in the engine compartment. Thereby reducing the temp in the radiator and oil cooler and hopefully preserving the life and increasing the performance of the engine.
isnt ti header would have same result? from my understanding this metal cut the heat about 60%.
im i wrong?:super:?:super: