head gasket mod?


i tried doing a search for this but cant get anything to come up. i was wanting to know if anyone has heard of or done a head gasket mod. i was told that if you put on a thinner gasket youll get more compression and horsepower.
I had the Carpenter 210HP mod done and it included a thinner base and head gasket. Bob said it bumps compression about 1 point.

You can check out their web site or give them a call. Bob or Bill should be able to answer you questions. These are good guys and they love Busas.

Carpenter Racing
Shoot I have 311 now I guess I will pull the .080" spacers and that should give me 480 more ponies
.010 base gasket = 60 :crazy:
There has to be easier ways to get that little bit of HP due to the compression increase from the gasket. To replace the base gasket, you have to tear the entire engine down. If you were to go that far into it, it would be easy to put a bore kit, stroker kit, use significantly higher compression pistons and mill the heads for flow. Then how would you know how much additional HP the gasket made? The Carpenter kit includes milled/ported heads for 60 HP.
I'm not quite sure how to respond to that one Johnny? I have no doubt your bike would school mine.

Rock on :super:
It's more of an added thing to do while you are already in there,
but some people just loosen everything up, just enough to lift the block and tear the gasket out.

LOTS of people run without it.