HD Safety Recall

Not sure, but either way I would hate to see a rider get hurt because they did not see a safety recall. Pass along to friends that my have a HD that this recall is for.
There's several recalls right now. One is for the trike where the lower triple tree was machined incorrectly to where the steering stabilizer sits too far in and can act as a steering stop. The fix if affected is to replace the lower triple assembly.
The next is the clutch spring plate where the older cable spring plate might of been installed instead of the hydraulic plate. A simple swap is all that's needed if it's a problem unit.
The third is the most serious. All affected units will need the clutch master cylinder rebuilt. Something with the internals being incorrect.

FWIW, Starting in 2014, all hd touring models are hydraulic clutches. Except for certain Roadking models
I saw this recall a week ago and already sent it to all of my Harley friends. It only affects about 29,000 bikes I think...........:rofl: